WHAT DOES THE CLUB OFFER?                  


At WASP Paintball home of the Perth Paintball Club, we offer our venue to our members as an outlet from their day to day lives and a place to feel welcome and wanted. We are a retreat where members can come and have a chat and play some paintball with other club members.

  •  An escape for the business professional that is locked up in an office all day
  • Perfect social/sporting club for those that do shift work or are FIFO.
  • Support and acceptance for the teen that may have lost his way.
  • Professional advice on all things paintball.
  • Develop team building and leadership roles within our club.
  • An alternative to the ordinary sports 
  • Social club for those that might be new to Perth and dont many people.

At WASP our club is almost like a community (second family to some). Our club is one that changes lives and we have seen this first hand.  Seeing this positive impact is what motivates us and drives our success and why the Perth Paintball Club is the largest paintball club in Australia.